Sunday, December 31, 2006

J.V., Filipino: Pearl City, HI, 21

Growing up in Murrieta, CA, I tended to admire white men, but I think this was only because that is who I saw on tv and movies. But today, with the rise of Asian influence in the media, i think it's just natural to want something you can relate to, along with Asian culture being more recognized in society now. Though living in a dominantly white community, I spent most of my time hanging out in San Diego, therefore I hardly would see white men there.

Downe culture to me is kind of a more masculine or enpowering image of the gay asian male. With Downelink, the online community has brought the gay asian community closer together. It's a place we can call our own and a term we can use, becuause it was created by us, for us.